Aloe vera is a plant that is used as medicine for many years all over the world. You can use it after gel extraction from plant leaves or you can use packed gel, you can find it in many products like gel, creams, and ointments. In this article, we will explain more information about aloe vera gel benefits and uses.

Aloe vera gel uses and benefits:

1- It helps in burns healing because it has cooling and soothing properties so if you have a mild burn put the gel on it, this will reduce pain and skin irritation but if you have a severe burn go to your doctor before applying anything.

2- It helps in wound healing and relieving pain, you can use it on minor cuts for healing and scars prevention.

3- It improves digestion and prevents gastric ulcers because it inhibits H.pylori bacteria, it is also very beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome patients.

4- It reducing tooth plaque and improves your oral hygiene, you can replace your toothpaste with aloe vera toothpaste.

5- It reduces skin irritation and helps you get rid of acne, if you have oily skin you should use products that contain aloe vera in your skincare routine.

6- Anal fissures Patients should Use aloe vera cream because it will promote healing, the patient will not feel pain, and wounds caused during defecation will be healed.

7- You can use it after sunburns to relieve pain, reduce irritation, redness, and decrease inflammation.

8- Skin moisturizing, you can use it to moisturize dry skin and you can use it in case of suffering from psoriasis and eczema. For more information about skincare routine check this article:


Do not use it internally if you are suffering from:

1- Diabetes.

2- Intestinal obstruction.

3- Ulcerative colitis.

4- Cardiac conditions.

5- Kidney diseases.

6- Crohn’s disease.

7- Hemorrhoids.

Side effects:

If you are using aloe vera gel internally you may suffer from some side effects like:

1- Electrolytes imbalance.

2- Nausea.

3- Abdominal pain.

4- Diarrhea.

5- Muscle weakness.

6- low potassium.

7- Kidney problems.

8- Blood in the urine.
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