How do calories affect your health and your life?

What the meaning of calories?

A calorie is a unit that measures energy. When you that a food plate contains 100 calories, it means that your body will gain 100 units of energy or power after consuming this food. After eating or drinking something our bodies break it down to use vitamins, minerals, and energy produced from food consumption for the body’s health. However, it means the energy that your body will get from food consumption.

How do calories affect our health?

Energy is very important for your general health, moving, talking, and growth. Many people think they should not eat certain types of food because of its high content of calories but it is wrong because some types of food contain certain types of vitamins that your body needs. The problem is consuming food your body does not need or consuming a few amounts of food.

When you consume many calories without using it or more than your body needs with lack of exercise you will gain weight over time, Unfortunately, gaining excess body weight will affect your general health. On the other hand, when you consume little calories than your body needs you will not have any power for daily activity and this may affect your health.

Calories are not bad, they are needed for our body health and for daily activities, the problem is food consumption in a wrong way and when you do not understand your body needs. You should understand that there are many factors that affect your food consumption that you should choose the food according to it.

Why we need calories?

We need the energy produced from food consumption for daily activities, walking, talking, breathing, thinking, regulating body temperature, etc. It is very important for your life and to maintain your health, for more information about health and health types do not forget to check this article:


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