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Cracked feet: causes, treatments, and risk factors

Cracked feet are an irritating problem for many people around the world from both genders. there are many causes for this problem, cracked feet not only gives feet bad appearance but it is also painful and sometimes it bleeds. In this article, we will explain the causes, treatment, and risk factors. cracked feet causes: 1- …


Petroleum jelly: source, uses, side effects, and alternatives

What do you mean when you say petroleum jelly? It is a semisolid jelly made of waxes and oils, it was discovered in 1850 when workers in oil extract found a jelly-like substance formed on pipes. Oil workers used to remove it from pipes, they observed that it helps in moisturizing their skin and help …

dark circle under eye

What are dark circles under eyes causes? and how can I treat it?

Many people from both genders around the world suffering from dark circles under the eyes. This problem may affect your general appearance and make you look like a sick person that may put you in a bad mode. There are many causes for skin pigmentation under the eye, for the right treatment we need to …