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Handmade cosmetics basics

Niacinamide: benefits, uses and side effects

Niacinamide is one of the vitamin B3 forms, it is also known as nicotinamide. many people all over the world thought that it is niacin but they are completely different. Nicotinamide and niacin are different vitamin b3 types. In this article, we will explain more information about nicotinamide benefits, uses, and side effects. Why niacinamide …

Handmade cosmetics basics

kojic acid : benefits , side effects and precautions

kojic acid is a natural material, it is a natural whitening active ingredient. It suppresses melanin pigment production. It can be used alone in whitening products or with other whitening active ingredients. It is used in cosmetics production and food production. It is extracted from some types of mushrooms, it is produced during some food …

Handmade cosmetics basics

Arbutin: types, mode of action, and benefits for skin

Arbutin is a natural substance, it is safe to use on the skin. It is extracted from the dry leaves of some plants like bearberry and blueberry. It reduces melanin production, it is used in whitening skincare products. The whitening effect is temporary when you stop using the product there will be no whitening effect. …

tools list
Handmade cosmetics basics

Tools list you need to make handmade skincare products

Many people all over the world prefer handmade natural skincare products. Natural handmade products contain many natural active ingredients that give you healthy skin and hair. If you want to start your business or you are a beginner you need to know the tools you need. In this article, you will find a tools list …

Shea butter
Handmade cosmetics basics

Shea butter: benefits, uses, and side effects

Shea butter is a creamy fatty butter, it is extracted from shea nuts, Shea trees grow in West Africa. This butter contains fats, vitamins, and minerals that make it a great ingredient in skincare products. In this article, we will explain the benefits and uses of shea butter. Shea butter composition: It contains: Cetyl esters: …

Handmade cosmetics basics

lye ( Sodium hydroxide): forms, uses, and precautions

Lye or sodium hydroxide is a highly caustic inorganic compound, it can cause skin burns so you should take care. You should handle lye properly when you use it to make handmade soap. In this article, you will know more information about sodium hydroxide uses, forms, and safety precautions. Lye chemical structure: It is an …

Handmade cosmetics basics

Stearic acid (CH3(CH2)16CO2H): uses, safety, and precautions

Stearic acid is a common component in many pharmaceutical and cosmetics products. It is used all over the world in many products like medicine, soaps, lotions, creams, plastic, and even in the entertainment field. Today in this article we will take about this fatty acid uses safety and precautions. Is stearic acid natural? It is …

Handmade cosmetics basics

Essential oils popular types and uses ( lecture 2)

In the first lecture, we explained essential oils definition, how to extract oils? health benefits, side effects, how to choose essential oils? and contraindications in this article:, this article we will know more information about essential oils popular types and uses. Essential oils popular types: There are more than 90 types, each one has characteristic …

Handmade cosmetics basics

Essential oils health benefits and uses ( lecture 1)

What do you mean by essential oils? They are natural compounds extracted from plants and capture the plant essences ( favor and scent). How to extract essential oils? These oils extracted through steam distillation, water distillation, and cold pressing ( mechanical). After aromatic compounds extraction, they are combined with a carrier oil in order to …