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General health

Blood pressure: definition, contol and factors affecting it

What does it mean? It is the amount of force on arteries walls when the blood circulates around the body. What does arterial BP mean? It is the pressure exerted by blood on arteries walls, it is expressed in millimeteres of mercury. There are two types of arterial blood pressure: systolic and diastolic. 1- systolic …

General health

Digestive system: ( Gastrointestinal tract)functions and anatomy

The digestive system is the body system that digests and absorbs food. It is tube starts from the mouth and ends with the anus, it breakdown large food molecules into small molecules. The food breaking down passes through many processes all over your digestive system. In this article, we will explain the gastrointestinal system functions …

General health

Obesity: definition, causes, complications, and treatment

Obesity definition: It is a medical condition, in this condition excess body fats accumulate in the body. This condition has a bad effect on health, it may lead to some diseases like heart diseases or diabetes. It also means that BMI (body mass index)is 30 or over 30. Obesity causes: 1- Excess food intake and …