Many people from both genders around the world suffering from dark circles under the eyes. This problem may affect your general appearance and make you look like a sick person that may put you in a bad mode. There are many causes for skin pigmentation under the eye, for the right treatment we need to determine the cause. In the following lines, we will explain the dark circle under eye causes and treatments.

What do you mean by dark circles around the eyes?

It means under eye hyperpigmentation or a difference between your face skin color and skin under eye color.

What are dark circles under eyes causes?

1- External causes:

1-Use bad quality makeup.

2- Sleep without removing your makeup.

3- Exposure to the sun without sunblock.

3- Using a computer and mobile for a long time without rest.

4- Irregular sleep and insomnia.

5- Smoking.

6- Getting older without any skincare routine.

7- Dehydration and low water intake.

8-Skin dryness.

9- Excess salt intake.

10-Excess caffeinated drinks consumption like tea and coffee.

11 – Side effects on some types of medicines.

12- Drugs and alcohol intake.

13- Fatigue.

14 – Allergic reactions.

2- Internal causes:

1- Sinusitis.

2- Malnutrition and anemia.

3- Unbalanced diet.

4- Hereditary factors.

5- Skin thinning.

6- Kidney diseases.

7- Hormonal imbalance.

How can I treat dark circles under eyes?

At first, you should understand that treatment depends on the dark circle under eye causes. You should follow a healthy lifestyle routine with treatment to have a good result.

1- Dark circle under eye treatment routine:

1- Increase water consumption.

2- Regulate your sleep.

3- Use an eye cream to hydrate the area around your eye.

4- Use original makeup and good quality makeup.

5- Use eye makeup remover to remove the eye makeup before sleeping.

6- Use sunblock.

7- Stop bad habits like smoking and drinking.

8-Decrease caffeinated drinks consumption.

9- Eat balanced diet.

10 – Use under-eye masks or cold cucumber slices regularly.

2- Dark circle under eye treatments:

1- Dark circles under eye mesotherapy session, for more information about mesotherapy do not forget to check this article:

2- Dermapen or derma roller sessions, for more information about derma roller do not forget to check this article:

3- Filler.

4- Plasma session.

5- Carboxy sessions.

For more information do not forget to check dark circles under eyes video:

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