Essential oils health benefits and uses ( lecture 1)

What do you mean by essential oils?

They are natural compounds extracted from plants and capture the plant essences ( favor and scent).

How to extract essential oils?

These oils extracted through steam distillation, water distillation, and cold pressing ( mechanical). After aromatic compounds extraction, they are combined with a carrier oil in order to form a product that you can use.

What are the essential oils’ health benefits?

Essential oils health benefits are:

1- Decrease stress and anxiety, using these oils in aromatherapy and massage relief stress and anxiety.

2- It reduces migraines and treats headaches by using peppermint, lavender oils, and some essential oils mixture on the forehead.

3-It improves sleep quality by smelling lavender oil.

4- It has anti-inflammatory effects.

5- It has antibiotic and anti-microbial effects.

6- Home scenting.

7- It is used in handmade cosmetics products in order to scent the high-quality products.

8- Skin rejuvenation effect.

9- Skin brightening and glowing effect.

10 – Skin moisturization.

How to choose essential oils?

There 3 important tips in essential oils choosing:

1- Purity:

You should choose oils that contains only aromatic compounds without any additives.

2- Quality:

You should chose the oils extracted through mechanical cold process or distillation.

3- Brand reputation:

You should chose a good reputation brand that produces high quality products.

Side effects:

It may cause:

1- Skin rashes.

2- Asthma.

3- Headache.

4- Allergy.

5- Skin irritation.

6- Skin burns if you use citrus essential oil on you skin and then exposed your skin to sun your skin will be burn.


Pregnant, breast feeding women and children should avoid applying essential oils on their skin or inhalation to avoid side effects.

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