Hormonal imbalance causes and symptoms part 1

Hormones are chemicals produced in endocrine system glands, they have an important role in regulating many processes in our bodies. When a hormonal imbalance occurs many symptoms appear like losing appetite, hair loss, and mood changes. In this article, we will explain the causes and symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Hormones’ functions include regulating body temperature, controls stress and mood, fertility, sleeping, heart rate, metabolism, growth, and appetite. You should maintain normal hormones level in the blood to avoid illness symptoms, to know how to regulate hormones levels normally please check these articles: https://nafies.com/natural-ways-to-regulate-body-hormones-part-1/ , https://nafies.com/natural-ways-to-regulate-body-hormones-part-2/

Hormones production:

Hormones are produced and stored in the endocrine glands then released in blood to perform their functions, endocrine glands include:

1-Langerhans islets.

2- adrenal glands.

3- thyroid and parathyroid glands.

4- Pineal gland.

5- Pituitary gland.

6- Hypothalamus gland.

7- Testicles and ovaries.

Hormonal imbalance causes:

A) Hormonal imbalance causes in both genders:

1- Obesity.

2- Malnutrition.

3- Extreme stress.

4- Hypoglycemia.

5- Hypoglycemia.

6- Diabetes 1, 2.


8- Hyperthyroidism.

9- Birth control ( hormonal) medicine.

10- Consuming steroids.

11- Cushing syndrome.

12- Addison disease.

13- Tumors ( benign or malignant tumors) in endocrine glands.

14- Infection.

15- Allergy.

16- Congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

17- Chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

18- Pancreatitis.

19- Goiters.

20- Prader Willi syndrome.

21- Turner syndrome.

22- Excess soya intake.

23- Anorexia.

24- A polluted environment with pesticides.

B) Hormonal imbalance causes in men:

1- Hypogonadism.

2- Prostate cancer.

3- Aging.

4- Puberty.

C) Hormonal imbalance causes in women:

1- Menopause.

2- Perimenopause and postmenopause.

3- Puberty.

4- Menstrual period.

5- Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

To conclude, hormones are very essential for your body’s health and safety. Many factors can affect your hormones blood level, you should try to keep your hormones in the normal range to avoid sudden changes in your mood or increase in your appetite.

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