Nowadays when you hear someone coughing or sneezing you will think about one thing which is a coronavirus. Flu or influenza is a viral disease that affects the respiratory system. If you have good immune system symptoms may relieve by themselves but if you are a chronic disease patient you may be in danger. Unfortunately, Flu signs are similar to coronavirus infection signs and we are now in winter season or flu season. In this article, we will tell you how to improve your immunity to prevent flu?.

At first, you should know the difference between flu and coronavirus causes, signs, and complications in these articles:, are many habits that may affect and suppress your immunity, for more information about habits that affect your immune system do not forget to check this article:

After knowing bad habits that may suppress our immune system and influenza signs we need to know how to protect ourselves from flu by improving our immunity?.

How to improve our immunity to prevent flu?

1- You should clean the house air daily by opening windows to replace house air with new fresh air and you should also plant some plants to give you oxygen.

2- Regulate your sleeping and sleep enough hours, do not stay awake for late hours, and try to sleep in dark to improve your sleep quality and avoid stress.

3- Excercise regularly to improve your blood circulation and if you do not have enough time walk or run at home.

4- Avoid junk food and eat healthy food.

5- Eat food containing vitamin c such as pepper and citrus fruits, for more information about vitamin c health benefits do not forget to check this article:, for more information about pepper health benefits, do not forget to check this article:

5- Drink hot soups and drinks in winter.

6- Avoid sugar, smoking, or drinking alcohol.

7- Eat food rich in Zinc, antioxidants, and vitamins to improve your immunity. for more information about vitamins sources and health benefits do not forget to check these articles:

For more information do not forget to check this video:

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