What do you mean when you say petroleum jelly?

It is a semisolid jelly made of waxes and oils, it was discovered in 1850 when workers in oil extract found a jelly-like substance formed on pipes. Oil workers used to remove it from pipes, they observed that it helps in moisturizing their skin and help in burns healing. M. Robert Augustus studied this material for 11 years then published his studies on this material and packed it to sell as Vaseline.

How does Petroleum jelly work?

When you apply it on your skin it works a barrier retaining moisture, that may give you soft skin.

What are petroleum jelly uses and benefits?

1- It is very effective in scares and burns healing if you put it on a disinfected clean wound, it makes a barrier between your skin and water give it time to heal. You should apply it on a clean, dry, and disinfected wound.

2- Moisturize your skin, when you apply it on your skin it retains water in your skin moisturizing your skin. You can use it on clean dry skin to treat your dry hands, lips, and cracked dry feet.

3- You can use it to protect your baby skin from diaper rash, you should use it on clean dry skin.

4- You can apply it on perfume on your skin to keep the scent for a longer time.

5- You can use it to give your hair a shiny look and decrease split ends appearance.

6- You can use it to protect your skin from stains or dyes during hair dying or nail polish.

7- You can use it to prevent door swings voice, use it to lubricate door hings.

What are the petroleum jelly side effects?

1 – clog your skin pores.

2- Allergy.

3- Infection if it is contaminated.

4- If you apply it to contaminated or unclean wounds it may make the injury worse and delay healing.

Petroleum jelly or vaseline is a semisolid jelly substance that has many uses but it also has many side effects if you do not use it in a correct way. You should use externally only, it is not for internal use. There are natural alternatives to petroleum jelly consists of natural oils and waxes that will give your skin many benefits.

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