Many people all over the world do not know about Post coronavirus infection recovery symptoms. It means that covid19 patients after recovery suffering from some symptoms that may last for a long time after complete recovery. It is a known symptom that appears after epidemic diseases called a post-viral syndrome. In this article, we will explain more information about this syndrome and its symptoms.

Postviral syndrome:

It is a known syndrome that appears after viral disease epidemics which means that patients who had the infection will suffer from some symptoms after complete recovery from the viral epidemic disease.

Covid19 ( coronavirus strain 19):

It is a viral disease that spread all over the world, it affects the respiratory system. For more information about coronavirus causes and signs, do not forget to check this article: To know how to protect yourself from Covid19 do not forget to check this article:

Post Covid19 recovery symptoms:

The research established by the Massachusetts hospital and Harvard medical school approved that many recovered patients from the Covid19 infection are suffering from many symptoms for a long time. About 7.9% suffer from symptoms for two months, about 3.4 % suffer from post covid19 symptoms for 4 months and about 2.2 % suffer from symptoms for 6 months.

The post covid19 recovery symptoms classified to:

A- Physical symptoms: like general weakness, cough and headache.

B- Psychological and neural symptoms: like memory weakness and depression.

You should take care before exposing yourself, your family, or anyone to the infection chances, Covid19 is not only a life-threatening infection that you may get full recovery from it but it also can affect your health after recovery for a long period. To know how to keep yourself safe through pandemic diseases do not forget to check this article:

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