Precautions through epidemic disease outbreaks are a must for protection. Epidemic disease means disease spreads fast among a large number of people in a short period of time. In this article, we will explain epidemic disease transmission ways and how to protect ourselves.

Epidemic diseases transmission:

1- Vertically transmitted disease:

It means the causative agent transmitted from one generation to another through sperm or ova.

2- Horizontally transmitted diseases:

It transmitted among group members at the same time.

3- Fecal oral transmitted disease:

In this type, the infective agent sheds in faces and it should be ingested through contaminated food or drink to cause illness to a new patient.

4- Developmental transmission:

Illness causative agent passes through some developmental change in the host that transmit the disease to others.

5- Propagative transmitted disease:

In this type the disease causative agent increase in number in the host transmitting disease.

6- Cyclopropagative transmitted disease:

In this type, the disease causative agent increase in number and undergoes developmental changes in the host.

7- Airbone transmitted disease:

In this type droplet suspended in air cause infection.

8- Arthropod transmitted disease:

In this type, disease transmission through insect bites.

9- Mechanically transmitted disease:

Infection happens when an insect carries disease causative agent in her feet or proboscis.

10- Biologically transmitted disease:

In this type through the transmission process, the disease curative agent undergoes developmental changes or multiplies in an intermediate host.

11- Disease transmitted through direct contact:

Disease transmits by direct contact with the causative agent through drinking, eating, touching or droplets inhalation.


1- Know more about disease characters and how it transmits to patients from a trusted source.

2- Stay away from crowded areas.

3- Wash your hands well before and after eating, after entering your home and after using the bathroom.

4- Cover your food and drinks to avoid contamination.

5- Cover your mouth and nose through coughing or sneezing. 6- Stay away from sick people.

7- Clean your house well and disinfect surfaces.

8- Use sanitizers after touching any object.

9- Use the recommended protective tools.

10- Wash your vegetables and fruits well with water and finger.

11- Cook chicken, meat and fish well.

12- Improve your immunity, in the following article you will know how to improve your immunity:

13- Follow the instruction of the ministry of health in your country and follow quarantine instructions.

To conclude, Precautions through epidemic disease outbreak are very critical and should be applied to protect you and your family. If you are suffering from any symptoms do not hesitate to consult the hospital for immediate help.

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