TROPICAL BODY BUTTER ( soft and glowing skin)


Net weight: 120 g
ES: 4635 /2006

Tropical body butter keeps your skin soft and beautiful. It contains natural butters like shea butter that provides your skin with antioxidants and vitamins. It is a paraben-free and alcohol-free product, it is safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers.
Ingredients: preservative – glycerin-mango butter -mica -cocoa butter – vitamin e- panthenol – stearic acid- water – sunflower oil-argan oil – sweet almond oil – fragrance oil – beeswax- Isopropylmyrsiate- BTMS50
Use: Apply the product on clean skin then massage your skin with the body butter till complete absorption to enjoy soft and beautiful skin
The product is for external use only avoid touching eyes
Store the product in a clean dry place away from heat, direct sun, and away from children and pets
ES: 4635 /2006
Net weight: 120 g

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