Quinoa or Chenopodium quinoa is a seed that contains many nutrients that very important to your health, it is named the superfood. It is gluten-free seeds, if you are suffering from gluten intolerance it will be the ideal food for you. These seeds are oval flat seeds, the color varies from pale yellow, pink, and black color. It has a characteristic nutty crunchy flavor.

How can I consume quinoa seeds?

1- You can boil it and add it to salads and soups.

2- You can boil it and eat it as a side dish.

3- Ground it to use it as flour for baking.

4- Pop it like popcorn and consume it as a snack.

Nutrition facts:

One cup of cooked seeds ( 100 grams ) contains 100 calories, for more information about calories, do not forget to check this article: https://nafies.com/calories/, https://beiteljedah.com/calories/.

72 % water

4.4 grams protein

21.3 grams carbohydrates

0.9 grams sugar

1.9 grams of fat

2.8 grams fiber, for more information about dietary fibers, do not forget to check this article: https://nafies.com/dietary-fibers/

It also contains vitamins and minerals like:




folic acid, for more information about folic acid, do not forget to check this article: https://nafies.com/folic-acid/


magnesium, for more information about magnesium, do not forget to check this article: https://nafies.com/magnesium-sources-health-benefits-deficiency-and-toxicity/


Health benefits:

1- it lowers high blood sugar levels.

2- Good food for weight loss because of low content of carbohydrates, for more information about excess body weight and how to lose excess body weight do not forget to check this article: https://nafies.com/lose-weight-fast/

3- Ideal food for people who are suffering from gluten intolerance ( gluten sensitivity).

4-It improves digestion.

5- Decrease the risk of heart diseases, for more information about heart disease cardiac arrhythmia do not forget to check these articles: https://nafies.com/cardiac-arrhythmia-definition-causes-symptoms/, https://nafies.com/cardiac-arrhythmia-diagnosis-treatment-prevention/

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