Stearic acid is a common component in many pharmaceutical and cosmetics products. It is used all over the world in many products like medicine, soaps, lotions, creams, plastic, and even in the entertainment field. Today in this article we will take about this fatty acid uses safety and precautions.

Is stearic acid natural?

It is a natural compound, it is a saturated fatty acid extracted from animals fats and oils. It contains 16 carbon atoms in its compound as it is chemical structure is CH3(CH2)16CO2H. The name comes from the old Greek language and it means animal fat.

Does stearic acid has another names?

It has many names, the other names are:

Crodacid, crosterene, Glycon S-90 , Hystrene, Industrene, Kurtacid 1895، Pristerene، 570 , octadecanoic acid.

How does they made it from oils or fats?

It is produced by fats and oils hydrolysis by using very hot water then followed by fractionation of the resulted solution through distillation they separate the saturated fatty acids from the unsaturated fatty acids.

What are stearic acid uses?

1- In the pharmaceutical compounds as emollient.

2- In cosmetics like body creams.

3- Plastic industry,

4- Fireworks industry.

5- The food industry, is used in candy production.

6- In hospitals, it is used to cover the gypsum to protect it from breaking down.

Why they use stearic acid in cosmtics?

It is used in cosmetics production because:

1- It hydrates and softens the skin.

2- It works as a barrier that protects the skin from losing water.

3- It works as a surfactant to cleanse the skin from dirt.

4- It works as an emollient that helps the water and oils to be mixed in the skincare products.

What are the precautions during uses the stearic acid in the handmade cosmetics production?

Although it is considered a safe substance, stearic acid dust causes scratches in the mucus membrane of the eyes and nose. It is also a flammable material so you should:

1- Wear protective glasses.

2- Wear a mask.

3- Be alert when you melt it on fire.

4- Wearing heat-protective gloves to avoid burns.


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