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Tools list you need to make handmade skincare products

Many people all over the world prefer handmade natural skincare products. Natural handmade products contain many natural active ingredients that give you healthy skin and hair. If you want to start your business or you are a beginner you need to know the tools you need. In this article, you will find a tools list you can copy to start preparing your workplace.

tools list

Tools list:

1- Digital scale starts from 0.1 to 5 or 10 kg.

2- PH meter or Ph papers.

3- Measuring cups and measuring spoons.

4- Bakers: different sizes of glass bakers.

5- Spatulas: good quality spatulas.

6- Spoons.

7- Knives.

8- Scissor.

9- Vegelatble peeler.

10- flour sifter.

11- Funnel

12- Pipping tips.

13- silicone molds.

14- Plastic jars and boxes.

15- Stickers to write on ( you will write the active ingredient name and expiry date on the sticker then put it on the active ingredient jar).

16- Stainless food pans.

17- one or two deep frying pans.

18- packaging jars, jars.

19- Labels.

20- Egg whisk (large and small egg whisks)

21- Electric egg beater.

22- Hand blender.

23- Slow cooker.

24- Microwave ( optional).

25- Tissues.

26- Towles.

27- Plastic wrap.

28- Shrink plastic wrap.

29- Heat gun.

30- Thermometer.

31- Thermal gloves ( optional).

32- Eye goggles.

33- mask.

34- Gloves.

35 – long sleeve shirt.

36- long pants.

37- comfortable shoes ( do not use open shoes or slippers).

38- Cutting board.

You now have the tools list you need to start your own handmade skincare products business. You should choose good quality active ingredients and follow the recipes.

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