Water retention has many causes and you can see it in many people around you. When you consume too much carbohydrate in your diet you will suffer from it because every 1 gram of glucose retains 2.7 gram of water in your body. And when you increase sodium intake in your diet with low potassium intake this will lead to this problem. In this article we will know more information about reducing retained water naturally.

How to reduce retained water in the body?

You can use diuretics to reduce the retained water, there are two types of diuretics:

1- Synthetic diuretics.

2- Natural diuretics ( herbal diuretics).

water retention

How to reduce water retention in my body naturally?

You can reduce it naturally with natural diuretics, natural diuretics are herbs that will help your body to get rid of the retained water. In the following lines, we will know more information about diuretics types and benefits.

1- Dadnelion:

It is a very healthy herb, it has many benefits to your liver. Dadnelion leaves are a very powerful diuretic, they are rich in potassium. You can add it to you salads every day.

2- Uva Ursi:

It helps your kidney to get rid of excess body fluids. It is used in Germany to help in bladder infections treatment.

3- Horse tail:

It helps your body to get rid of retained water but there is one problem, you should consume vitamin B1 supplements with it because it eliminates this vitamin in your body.

4- Garlic:

It has many benefits to your health and it helps your body to get rid of retained water. You can add it to your salad or to your food.

5- Black tea:

It helps your body to get rid of excess sodium not the potassium because it inhibits Aldestrone hormone which retains sodium in your body.

6- Parsley:

It is a very important herb to your body it regulates your blood pressure because it inhibits potassium release from the body. Do not forget to add it to your salad.

7- Stinging nettle root:

These roots has a great diuretic properties, it is also has anti inflammatory properties.

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