Xanthan gum for cosmetics use


It is a natural gum we use in skincare and haircare products as a thickener. It is a natural gum, it is made of polysaccharides made from sugar fermentation by Xanthomonas camprestris bacteria It is a polysaccharide,

Why we need xanthan gum in cosmetics formulation:

It is used as a thickener to create gels, it is a natural thickener. You can use it in formulating serums, lotions, gels, and cleansers.

How should I use xanthan gym in my formula?

At first, you should weigh every ingredient in your formula. After weighting the gum you should add glycerin and mix well before adding water. You can add water next and mix well until all gum dissolves without any clump formation.

Characteristic features:

It is a very fine white powder, when you add water to it, it turns to slimy gel. It has no characteristic scent. It is soluble in water.

Usage percent:

It should be used from 0.1% to 2 % of your recipe weight.


You should store it in a clean and dry place away from water.

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